Prairie Village for All.

Make the Prairie Village dream attainable.
Support equity and inclusion in our community

Prairie Village for All is a call for affordable housing options in a city that is reckoning with a long history and the lingering effects of exclusionary housing policy. We are for policies that will allow more people to have more access to Prairie Village and its resources. We are for preserving the good things that Prairie Village has to offer while also helping it continue to grow with equality in mind.

Prairie Village was founded for working-class veterans of World War II, funded by federal money from the GI bill that excluded people of color from owning homes here due to racist deed restrictions and redlining. We believe the promise of Prairie Village — that working-class families could find a place to live and thrive here — should be extended with equality and inclusion in mind, and that we need policy today that reflects that dream. We believe in a vision for Prairie Village in which our city can be “a village for everyone,” a place where people can live, raise their families, and become part of a community that will allow opportunity and growth. Learn more.


What is affordable housing and what do these provisions mean for you and your home? We’ll answer this and more here.

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If you believe in making the PV dream attainable, here’s how you can get involved and make a difference to positively shape our city’s future.

More Information

Learn more about the history of Prairie Village and the current affordable housing proposals under consideration.

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